7mm Reel Bearing

Reel Bearing - 7mm


Japanese NSK 7x4x2.5 Bearing can be installed on any Daiwa Small to Mid size spinning reel 1000~3500 or Saltiga surf (Japan Daiwa catalog S label). It also fit on other versions Shimano reels such as Saragosa, replacing old version of Ocea Jigger and Tiagra 12, 16 (need 7mm O.D. Bearing).


Customers can easily find out by disassemble your reel handle knob to see what size bearing inside. This bearing can replace or upgrade that Daiwa/ Shimano reels' original ones.


However, some reels may request the set of one 8x5x2.5 Bearing and one 9x4x4 Bearing or one 9X5X3 Bearing, if you do not know what set of Bearings you need, please kindly consult with your local fishing tackle shop where does maintenance for your reel or you can just email us.



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