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Bait Rigs Organizer
  This EVA Sabiki Bait Rigs Organizer is for anglers to save their Sabiki Rigs or Hooks Rigs after use; it is with no more mess to save money and protect the environment.    Please be noted: All Sabiki Ba ... (Read More)
From $7.25
Carp Fishing Trap Hooks System
  Each Carp Fishing Trap Hooks System pack contains 2 sets of 5 pieces of U.S. size (No.1 or No.2 or No.4) Hooks (black chrome color) together with copper spring coil to hold carp powder bait.   Each hook ties on 30lb te ... (Read More)
From $10.00
Jaws Fish Skin Sabiki Bait Rigs
  Each Pack of Jaws Lighting Strike Fish Skin Sabiki Bait Rig contains 5 pieces U.S. size Hooks (in gold color).   Additionally, each Pack is equipped with one interlock swivel and one barrel swivel and including 5 tied ... (Read More)
From $17.90
Jaws Lion Hooks Squid Sabiki Bait Rigs
  Each pack of Jaws Lightning Strike Lion Hooks Squid Sabiki Bait Rig contains 5 pieces of U.S. (No.1/0 or No.2/0) size hooks (in black color).   Each hook use special knot tied on 40lb test branch line (5” with hook) with 5 ... (Read More)
From $18.75
Jaws Squid Sabiki Bait Rigs
  Each pack of Jaws Lightning Strike Squid Sabiki Bait Rig contains 4 pieces of U.S. (No.1 or No.2) size hooks (in gold color).   Each hook tied on 30lb test branch line and attached on 40lb test main line. Every pack equipp ... (Read More)
From $23.50
Tungsten Bullet Weight w/ Insert
  This Tungsten Bullet Fishing Weight w/ Insert is made of 97% tungsten. The compact design allows it to penetrate through grass mats. It’s made by same manufacture that makes Japanese Brand Fishing Sinkers in the current market. ... (Read More)
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