Jaws Lightning Strike Lion Hooks Squid Sabiki Bait Rigs

Jaws Lion Hooks Squid Sabiki Bait Rigs


Each pack of Jaws Lightning Strike Lion Hooks Squid Sabiki Bait Rig contains 5 pieces of U.S. (No.1/0 or No.2/0) size hooks (in black color).


Each hook use special knot tied on 40lb test branch line (5” with hook) with 50lb test main line (total rigs length 60”).


Every pack equipped with one interlock swivel and one barrel swivel and 5 - 2" squid body with metallic flasher, glow in dark green bead to add extra attraction to all kinds of large bait (as Mackerel, Bonito) or bottom fishes.


What different from other rigs?

  • New special knot connect main line and branch line (see photos), you will never go loose or tangle. Small EVA pad for angler easy to restore your rigs for reuse (please cut EVA foam open on edge for easy keep your rigs stay on.)


With all new design extra large No.1/0 or No. 2/0 Lion hooks squid rigs, it is not only for large baitfish, but anglers are able to use them for bottom fishing rigs for Sanddab or other species bottom fish. The rigs can be connected together on special appreciation at angler's choice (please read carefully on Fish and Game regulation, every states has different hooks limited).


This Lion Hooks Squid Sabiki Rigs are a must have for private boat owners and long range anglers.


The material of Lightning Strike Lion Hooks Squid Sabiki Bait Rig is coming from Japan and made in China  


Size Available:

  • US Size No.1/0
  • US Size No.2/0



  • Buy packs for $3.75/each pack.
  • Buy 15 packs for $3.62/each pack.
  • Buy 30 packs for $3.50/each pack.
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