Cap Fishing Trap Hooks System - No.1, No.2, No.4

Carp Fishing Trap Hooks System


Each Carp Fishing Trap Hooks System pack contains 2 sets of 5 pieces of U.S. size (No.1 or No.2 or No.4) Hooks (black chrome color) together with copper spring coil to hold carp powder bait.


Each hook ties on 30lb test braid line.


The Carp Trap Hook is not loading with any lead sinker so it will not pollute the water.


How to Use Powder Bait with Trap Hooks System:

  • Pour one pound of powder carp bait into a container.
  • Mix with desired amount of lake water or any fresh water, keep stirring until the bait be firm enough to stay on hooks while casting into water.
  • Cast your bait system to the same spot to attract fish come around. You can add sliding sinker to main line, its weight from 1/8oz – 2oz depends on wind or environment condition.
  • Changing your bait every 5~10 minutes until you see air bubbles appearing on the surface; it Indicates fish already around your spot.


Sizes Available:

  • U.S. Size No.1
  • U.S. Size No.2
  • U.S. Size No.4


This Carp Fishing Trap Hooks System works for all kind of carp fish family.



  • Buy 5 packs for $2.00/each pack
  • Buy 10 packs for $1.80/each pack
  • Buy 20 packs for $1.725/each pack
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