Heavy Duty Heat Shrink Tube

HD Shrink Tube


The size of this new stock heavy duty heat shrink tube is 43mm/1.69” x 1016mm (1.02m)/40” in black color with 2mm(1/16”) thickness glue added. 


it melts when heating, after that, it will stay tight on any material rod grips. It is special design for Big Game Fishing Rods as rocky shore surf rod or railrod (see photos) 


It can be used for building rods or repairing rod handles. Just cut the slightly longer in length that you really need and slip over from rod butt to handle and heat with industrial heat gun or touch. Or you can just place the rod handle that covering with shrink tube 3-4”high on top of stove heat to finalize the process. 


You just utilize the heat to shrink down the tube. As you heat the rod roll around, it likes a glass blower to heat all sides evenly. Be careful not to overheat and burn the rubber and other parts of rod. It only takes about 20 seconds or less to shrink down the tube, then took a cool wet towel and pressed the rubber snug onto the rod. Remember to pill off extra glue that came out from melting tube.



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