Jaws Salmon/ Steelhead Rod Blanks - 2pcs

Jaws Salmon/Steelhead Blanks


Jaws Salmon/ Steelhead Rod Blanks are manufactured using proprietary blends of Japanese Toray Carbon modulus offer incredible power, X-Looping layer technology only can be seen on the highest quality rod blanks. Each Jaws Salmon/ Steelhead Rod Blank is lightweight, sensitive and strong. 


Jaws Salmon/ Steelhead Rod Blank is a 2-Piece Rod Blank.


Jaws Salmon/Steelhead Rod Blanks Specifications:

Model No.


Line Rating

Tip Size

Butt Size

Blank Weight


2 Pcs


SS 2-80

49”/ 8'





Ti- Ch

SS 2-86






Ti- Ch

SS 2-90






Ti- Ch


  • Jaws provides Warranty.
  • To purchase this product, we only accept the buyer with a US shipping address; we will not ship it outside of USA.
  • Buy 1 piece of Jaws Salmon/Steelhead Rod Blank will add $40.00 Handling Fee.
  • Buy 2 pieces of Jaws Salmon/Steelhead Rod Blank will add $25.00 Handling Fee and get 10% off discount of MSRP.
  • Free Shipping in USA.
  • All rod blanks delivered by USPS require the customer's signature confirmation; if the shipping tube is broken, please do not sign the confirmation and refuse USPS to have this package. If you find a package delivered to your front door by the postman but do not sign the confirmation, please bring it (do not open the package) to the post office and express your refusal to accept the package due to the lack of the signature confirmation.


Regular MSRP:

  • Model SS 2-80: $120.00/each
  • Model SS 2-86: $130.00/each
  • Model SS 2-90: $140.00/each



  • Buy 2 pieces of Model SS 2-80 for $120.50/each (10% off of MSRP + $25.00 Handling Fee)
  • Buy 2 pieces of Model SS 2-86 for $129.50/each (10% off of MSRP + $25.00 Handling Fee)
  • Buy 2 pieces of Model SS 2-90 for $138.50/each (10% off of MSRP + $25.00 Handling Fee)
  • Buy 1 piece of Model SS 2-80 for $160.00/each (MSRP + $40.00 Handling Fee)
  • Buy 1 piece of Model SS 2-86 for $170.00/each (MSRP + $40.00 Handling Fee)
  • Buy 1 piece of Model SS 2-90 for $180.00/each (MSRP + $40.00 Handling Fee)
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