Jaws Reel Cover

Jaws Reel Cover


This is Jaws Custom Light Weight, Scratch Resistant, High Grade O.K. Neoprene Reel Cover with an aluminum Lure/Hook Keeper.


It has one ply of high grade O.K. neoprene on outside and one ply of newest scratch resistant neoprene material inside. 


Suitable Reels of this Reel Cover:

  • Size "S" fits most Small size Casting Reels, ABU 6500, Accurate Boss 270, 870/400, 500N, Avet SX, MX, Caluctta To 300, Trinidad To 10A, Daiwa Saltiga 20....
  • Size "M" fits most Medium size casting reels, ABU 7000, Accurate Boss 870/500, Avet MXL, Calutta To 700, Trinidad To 20, Daiwa Saltiga 30T, Daiwa LEXA 400, Penn Torgue 200, Shimano Tranx 400....
  • Size "M-Narrow Version" fits most Mid-Narrow size Casting Reels, ABU 5600, Accurate Boss 270N/500N, Avet MXJ, Calautta To 400, Trinidad and new A Series to 16, Daiwa Saltiga 20, Daiwa LEXA 300, Shimano Tranx 300....
  • Size "L-Narrow Version" fits most Medium sizes narrow version saltwater Conventional Reels: Accurate Boss 665 (including B2-TWO speed 600), Avet HX 5/2, Penn TRQ To Size 300, Shimano Torsa T Size 30, Trinidad TN30, 40. JM PE8, Shimano Tranx 500...
  • Size "L-Narrow Narrow Version" fits most Medium sizes narrow narrow version saltwater Conventional Reels: Accurate Boss 665NN (including B2-TWO speed 600 NN), Avet HXJ 5/2, LX 6/3, Shimano Trinidad TN16A, 20A, 40N. JM PE7...
  • Size "L" fits most medium wide sizes Saltwater Convention Reels and Two Speed Reels: Accurate B2-665 W, BX600W and ATD-12, Avet Model HXW 5/2, Daiwa Saltiga 50, PENN 16S, 10KG. Shimano Trinidad 50. Tyrnos 2 Speed 16II...
  • Size "XL" fits most medium sizes two speed big game Conventional Reels: Avet Model EX, EXW, QUAR30/2, Pro EX50/2. Accurate ATD30, 50. Daiwa Sealine Tournament SLT30, 50. Penn 10-15KG, 30SW, Shimano Tiagra TI20~30LRS...
  • Size "XL-Tall Version" fits most medium to large sizes Big Game 2 Speed Conventional Reels (Left and Right hand) . Avet model EX, EXW, Pro EX50/2. Accurate ATD50W. Daiwa Sealine Tournament SLT50. Penn 50 VSW. Shimano Tiagra 50W...
  • Size "XXL" fits most large sizes 80's Big Game 2 Speed Conventional Reels (Left and Right hand): Avet Model EXW80/2. Accurate ATD80, 80W. Daiwa Sealine Tournament SLT80W. Fin-Nor Santiago SA80 2-Speed. Okuma TITUS 80 MK80II. Penn 80VSW. Shimano Tiagra TI80...



  • Brand: Jaws
  • Thickness: 1/4"
  • S: Highs=2-1/2”, Width=3-1/4”, Strap Length=8”, Total Length=11-1/4"
  • MN: Highs=3-1/4”, Width=3-1/4”, Strap Length=8-1/2”, Total Length=12".
  • M: Highs=3-1/4”, Width=3-3/4”, Strap Length=9”, Total Length=13-1/4"
  • LNN: Highs=3-1/2”, Width=3-1/4”, Strap Length=9-1/2”, Total Length=12-1/4"
  • LN: Highs=3-1/2”, Width=3-3/4”, Strap Length=9-1/2”, Total Length=13-3/4"
  • L: Highs=3-1/2”, Width=4-1/2”, Strap Length=11-1/2”, Total Length=16-1/4"
  • XL: Hights=4", Width=5", Strap Length=11-1/2", Total Length=16-1/2"
  • XL Special Edition:  Hights=4", Width=5", Strap Length=11-1/2", Total Length=16-1/2" (w/ Hook Ring; Right Hand only)
  • XL-T: Hights=5", Width=5-1/4", Strap Length=12-1/4", Total Length=18"
  • XXL: Hights=6", Width=5-3/4", Strap Length=14-1/2", Total Length=20-3/4"

 Note: For any Two Speed reel, please choose one larger size Reel Cover.


Available Colors:

  • Size S to LBlack. Blue. Red. 
  • Size XL, XL-T, XXL - Black.
  • Size S, MN, M, LN. L - Green



  • Buy 1 piece of size S for $11.95/each
  • Buy 1 piece of size M for $12.95/each
  • Buy 1 piece of size MN for $12.95/each
  • Buy 1 piece of size LNN for $13.95/each
  • Buy 1 piece of size LN for $14.95/each
  • Buy 1 piece of size L for $15.95/each
  • Buy 1 piece of size XL for $16.95/each
  • Buy 1 piece of size XL Special Edition for $16.95/each (Right Hand only)
  • Buy 1 piece of size XL-T for $17.95/each
  • Buy 1 piece of size XXL for $17.95/each
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