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T-Bar T092STA One Bearing Package for Shimano Talica Reel

T-Bar T092STA: Talica One Bearing Package


This Ultimate Jigging T-Bar T092STA One Bearing Package is exclusive for New Shimano Talica Reels. It's made by same manufacture that makes aluminum products for well known butterfly jigging brand.


Suitable Reels for T092STA:

  • Shimano Single/Two speed Talica 8-25 reels. (see Installation Tips 2)


Shaft and Bearings: 

  • NS Shaft - need one 9x5x3 Bearing and one 9x4x4 Bearing (This Package only provides one 9x4x4 Bearing.)


Installation Tips:

  1. Generally speaking, customers will need to use two 9mm bearings that removed from your original knob to install in this NS Stainless Shaft hosing, how you remove bearings from original knob is how you install back; but with this NS housing instead of original knob.
  2. For Shimano New Talica 8, 10, 12, 16, 20, 25 Single Speed and Two Speed reel, in this package, it is including two 9 mm bearings to replace original plastic busings and one spacer.   (Old version Talica has one Bearing and one Plastic Bushing, however, new version Talica has two Plastic Bushings.) 
  3. Talica 50 handle knob is riveted on arm and not removable. If you like to install T092 handle on 50's Talica, drilling work will be needed and you need to choose T-Bar T092B Package ( "B" type shaft).


Please see "T092STA Handle Knob Upgrade Steps" for detail installation information. If you have any question of this product, please email us at support@pbmfishing.com to consult.


This Package contains one T092STA Handle, One 9x4x4 Japanese Bearings, a Spacer and an Instruction Sheet.

  • Please be noted you need to use one 9x5x3 bearing or plastic bushing (white one) that removed from your original knob and one 9x4x4 bearing provided in this package to install this T092STA NS stainless shaft hosing. How you remove bearings from original knob is how you install them back; but with this NS housing instead of the original knob.



  • Brand: Ultimate Jigging
  • Machined from solid 6061-T6 Aluminium stock.
  • Tilted T-Bar knob.
  • NS Type shaft housing with water proof O-Ring to stop saltwater get into bearing.
  • Pre-drilled holes reduce weight and added unique looking.
  • Weight: 2oz/56g, with NS whole assembly: 3oz/86g.
  • Handle length: 100mm/3.94"
  • Handle biggest O.D.: 25mm/0.98"
  • Stainless Shaft housing length: 35mm/1.38"
  • Available Colors: Black/Gold. Black/Silver. Blue/Silver. Gold/Silver. Gunmetal/Gold. Gunmetal/Silver. Pale-Gold/Silver. Red/Silver. Silver/Gold.



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T092 handle Knob Upgrade & Replacement

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